Eline Boerma (1999, the Netherlands)

Next to being an artist, Eline Boerma is a kitesurfer, freediver and is learning to sail her small sailboat. Her love for adventure and the ocean is also an inspiration for her work. With her work she wants to remind people to live their most beautiful life full of adventures and connection to nature and themselves. While also taking care of this beautiful planet we’re on.

Her works explore feelings of exploration, freedom and belonging or exploration and wonder. Some paintings portray illusions and incomplete memories of landscapes or experiences during the acts that make her feel most connected to the ocean; floating 40 meters below the surface while free-diving or flying 10 meters above the water while kite-surfing.  

Beyond painting, Eline Boerma also explores the possibilities of digital and new media art through immersive light-installations programmed in Processing or Touchdesigner. Constantly in motion, appearing and disappearing, the images are not made to last forever. Light itself takes the lead and becomes the center of attention in a process which transforms empty spaces into experiences. 

Eline Boerma was born in 1999 in Culemborg, the Netherlands. She lives and works in Utrecht while studying at the HKU.